Reusable 3D Printed DTM Design Face Shield 3-Pack (NIH Approved)

$38.00 $48.00



  • Overview

    Designed to fit tight on the forehead and around the head profile, offering good protection from the top side.


    3D Printed Band: PETG, PLA, ABS.

    Face Shield: PET/PETG or Polycarbonate.

    Sanitation / Sterilization

    3D Printed Band: Can be submerged in bleach solution or IPA. Cannot be used in high-temperature sanitation.

    Shield: Can be wiped down with IPA or replaced.

    Foam: Can be wiped but not submerged.

    Elastic or Velcro: Can be machine washed or replaced as needed.


    Sold in packs of 3. All units will come sanitized and sealed. Material will be labeled. All parts should be re-sanitized at hospital before use. Includes sanitization/sterilization instructions, instructions for use, and disclaimer information.

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