Push Plastic Carbon Fiber: Nylon Filament - 1.75mm-2.85mm (500g-2kg)




  • Overview

    Carbon Fiber Nylon

    • 10% Carbon Fiber fill on all Resins
    • Added stiffness
    • Improved dimensional stability
    • Excellent surface finish

    Recommended Print Settings

    • Extruder: 240-260°C. (Better layer bonding at higher temperatures)
    • Bed: 90 - 100°C
    • Hardened Nozzle: 0.4mm or larger (.6mm recommended)
    • Layer Height: Ideal layer height is 50-60% of nozzle diameter
    • Drying: Nylon will absorb more moisture than other resins when left exposed. Make sure to keep this filament in a dry location between uses. If the filament does get wet, you can dry it out for 2-3 hours at 70-80°C

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