3D Printed Sanitizing Wallet with Door Hook & Holster Option




  • Overview

    Make Your Safety a Priority

    Reduce contact with surfaces to slow the spread of germs and protect yourself and your family. The Sanitizing Wallet keeps your hands clean and reduces contact with doors*, buttons, and other surfaces in the grocery store or other retail and public environments. Choose from two options: the Sanitizing Wallet only, or the Sanitizing Wallet with the Hook & Holster option.

    • The Sanitizing Wallet can be used in retail environments, office buildings, and other public places with elevator buttons, touchscreens, pin-pads, key cards, credit cards, and more.
    • The multi-tool Hook & Holster option can be used to open doors, hold railings, and carry items.

    *With the use of the Hook & Holster option.


    • Cleans your card between uses (with standard household cleaning wipe folded in half and inserted into the wallet — see video tutorial below.)
    • Reduces contact with surfaces at the store and in public places
    • Touch keypads and touchscreens without your fingers touching the surface
    • Open freezer doors using the Hook & Holster tool
    • Clean your fingers between touching items on the shelf


    • Color: Black
    • Material: Durable Resin
    • Ships in 1-3 days
    • Select from option above: Sanitizing Wallet Only or Sanitizing Wallet with the Hook & Holster

    Cleaning Wipes Instructions:

    The following video illustrates how to insert a standard household cleaning wipe into the Sanitizing Wallet to clean your cards after use.

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